If you have attended any of my classes or received personal coaching, please feel free to leave a review here. Thank you for your time!

8 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Mistress Jae, presented a class that I put together at Studio 58 in Frederick, MD on pegging. She as well as her assistant/demo bottom were great. Mistress Jae was not only very informative, but also very comical keeping the attendees interested during the lecture portion of the class. I am very thankful for her presenting for me and would love to have her again anytime.

  2. My Wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending presentations given by Mistress Jae. She is funny and knowledgable. I would definitely attend future presentations given by Her even if the subject matter might not be of particular interest to me. I know I would be entertained and perhaps gain insight on a subject for which I hadn’t given much thought previously.

    Thank You Mistress Jae:)


  3. I enjoyMistress Jae’s demos a lot. She is very informative, open to questions, and very knowledgeable. I plan on attending many more demos to come.

    Thank you Mistress Jae for your time and patience to put these demos together.

    Lady D Star

  4. I attended one of Mistress Jae’s Safety With Toys classes. She was wonderful! She presented tons of toys and how to use them safely, as well as a thorough overview of how to clean each toy.

    She’s very good at keeping the audience engaged and answers questions thoroughly. Mistress Jae clearly knows what she’s doing and I greatly appreciate that she shared that knowledge!

  5. Is this ok?

    What’s hotter than a July night in Baltimore? A night spent with Ivory Mistress Jae teaching the intricacies of foot fetish. Mistress Jae, with Her able assistant, covered the subject with Her usual disarming presentation from head to toe.

    Her charm and wit set the bar high for others in the sex education field. Knowledge, humor, and experience make Her both credible and entertaining.

    Her classes shouldn’t be missed.

    Thank You Mistress Jae.

  6. Wow! It’s hard to imagine that it could be done, but Ivory Mistress Jae keeps improving on Her presentations. The September 7, CBT 201 course exceeded expectations.

    With an infusion of technology, the entire class was able to view Her demonstrations ¬†projected on a large screen. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

    A really big thanks goes out to Frank, Her demo boy, and the volunteers from the audience. They were all very brave and made for a very interactive experience. And, a shout out is deserved for the folks of B.E.S.S. And the Baltimore Playhouse who sponsored and provided the venue for the event.

    Ivory Mistress Jae just keeps getting better. Thank You IMJ:)

  7. Dear Ms. Ivory Mistress,

    I wanted to respectfully inquire as to whether you teach classes only or conduct individual training sessions?

    Thank you.

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