“Mind the Gap: Exploration of age differences in the leather community”
(–this was a workshop I originally presented with Benjamin Palmer at LLC in 2007. I am open to crafting it towards your particular group.)

We will explore various methods for bridging the age gap in leather/kink communities. This includes discussing differences in values, traditions, assumptions and generalizations as well as the needs of each age group. You will learn communication techniques and other methods for integrating younger people into existing groups. This seminar is intended for persons of all ages.


“Supporting Young Adults in Alternative Sexual Lifestyles”

The “TNG” movement has expanded considerably over the last 15 years, with a growing number of people under the age of 30 entering the kink scene both through age focused groups and general kink events and organizations.

This workshop will explore several aspects of how to support the young adults coming out, including why we want to have support systems for these members. There will be an overview of existing age related resources for communities, such as TNG groups, special interest nights/munches for younger members, and online forums. It will also show you how to go about developing these resources, as well as the obstacles one might encounter in trying to create them.