“Introduction to   CBT” and “Advanced CBT” –descriptions coming soon


“CBT: Predicaments and Sadistic Games”

Cock and ball torture is a broad topic, and is Ivory Mistress Jae’s favorite pastime. In this class, Ivory Mistress Jae and her demo boy(s) will incorporate a variety of implements and techniques, with an emphasis on sadistic games and terrible predicaments! Humor, as well as male suffering is integral to these scenes. By the term “suffering,” Ivory Mistress Jae means to say “agonizing delight and intense sensations!” This enhances the ecstasy of the boy, by direction, and is equally if not more pleasurable for the Dominant.

This workshop will demonstrate many fun games that can be played with cocks and balls, such as twisting parts like they are taffy – over and over and over, or the “Which hurts worse?” scientific inquiry. The artist in Ivory Mistress Jae often manifests in her scenes. She sometimes likes making “art” by squishing male parts with a special device until it achieves just the right appearance. The boy has to endure the artistic process until the Artist has fully enjoyed and documented Her work. PreDICKament bondage can be integrated, and is particularly delightful when the boy tires in one area only to have it result in the sadistic tugging and twisting of his cock and balls, or when the boy finds his cock and balls tediously close to … oh, I don’t know … a violet wand maybe! The use of electricity such as a tens unit, electric sound, etc. can add to a delightful predicament bondage scene as well!

The class will also discuss psychological aspects of this style of CBT, in addition to safety considerations and communication skills for taking your playfully intense CBT further. Beware that Ivory Mistress Jae may come up with creative surprises to integrate into the workshop!